December Forecast


December begins in the fiery Season of Sagittarius. The Three of wands is our muse in this realm, asking us to use our creativity to progress forward in life. This energy can also speak to Holiday social engagements, in which the fire of communication and merriment can be felt. 

The Seven of Cups represents the planets that journey through Pisces this month. First Chiron, (actually an asteroid) that seeks to heal us of deep wounds, further explained in the reversed Four of Discs, and a reversed Ten of Swords. It is time to open the heart, come out from hiding, and sacrifice the fear, pain, guilt, shame, and worry to the sea. Mars will also move into Pisces on the 19th, softening the fiery war planet with some dreamy waters. How can the utopian transcendence of Pisces/Neptune be realized on this planet? On a personal level, on a collective level? How can our individual purpose and creativity (Three of Wands) add to the progress of the collective? There is a need to balance the Self/Identity, with that of the Greater Whole.

 The Daughter of Swords symbolizes sharp ideas, intellect, and new thought forms. She represents the activists, writers, and speakers, as well as each of our individual capacity for fresh thinking. This energy can actually help the fantasy of The Seven of Cups become tangible. The Full Moon in Gemini (a sign of communication and learning) on the 14th, is a potent day for these ideals. 

The Nine of Swords, lying beneath the spread is the combination of our deep seated fears, as well as some general discombobulation brought on by the Mercury Retrograde, beginning on the 19th. We can transmute this with an open mind (Daughter of Swords), softening and healing (Seven of Cups), and optimism and creativity (Three of Wands). 

Happy Holidays, Peace, and Love.

-The Lioness Oracle

November Forecast

The month begins on the tail of a New Moon in Scorpio, as well as the Samhain period (Hallow's Eve, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead etc.). This combination seems to scream "Healing!" at us. Indeed that card popped up in the reading today. The kind of healing Scorpio brings is not always easy. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the transformation planet, and Mars, the fiery war planet. In other words, the kind of transformative healing that this combination brings can be jarring, turbulent, even violent. It needs to happen, however. When ugly things lurk in the shadows, it is better that they are illuminated, so they can be on their way. Samhain is when the veil is thin between the Earth plane, and the plane of Spirit. It is common to celebrate our ancestors during this time. After all, they once lived and are beyond Earthly challenges now. Seeking their guidance is helpful. 

The Five of Wands resembles irritations currently present. Although they are annoying, they are clues as to what is no longer working in our lives. It is time to let go. The reversed Seven of Pentacles depicts a crossroads. Choices need to be made before moving forward. They are not easy choices. We need to trust our intuition. Trust our gut feelings. 

Romance represents love in all its forms. It doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship. Where does love reside? Find it. Open up to it. Let it in. It is going to give that Healing a little sweetness. There is enough heaviness going around. It is ok for us to remember what we love, who we love, and how we love. 

The Lonely Journey of The Priestess speaks to the path we all walk. In the end, no matter how many people we collect, there are crucial steps we have to take alone. This is the journey of The Fool. The journey of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. The path of The Hero. Yes it can be lonely at times, but the treasure at the end is worth it. The strength we gain is invaluable. The wisdom we gain can and will be of Service to others. It doesn't matter if it comes up in casual conversation, a blog, a workshop, whatever. Once one of us has surmounted a serious obstacle, we can share our experience with others. That kind of human exchange is...well, priceless.

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle


October Forecast

October is here. The warmth of the sun lingers, as a chill wind begins to settle in. Autumn has come, and the daylight is decreasing. Libra season is upon us. It's ruler Venus, is reminding us of beauty, harmony, relationships and balance. The veil is thin this time of year, providing a chance to communicate with our ancestors and Spirit in all it's forms. 

There is a square between Mars and Jupiter this month. This cosmic interaction is feeding us fiery energy with which to get things done. The past few months were centered around Healing blocks and fear. While Healing is still present in this reading, so is Sitting On Top of the World. The fiery energy is gifting us a sense of success and completion. Many struggles have been overcome. There is a warning of burnout however, and the Four of Swords is here to remind us to prioritize resting. The Libra scales can help us balance intense action, with complete relaxation. 

Hiding in the shadows is The Ten of Swords. It is important to be aware of who or what has us stressed and fearful. The One Who Hides the Sun speaks to possible jealousies, competition, and general toxic energy from others, that can dim our light. Astrologer Leah Whitehorse, in describing the nature of Saturn's square to the nodes on October 8th, says "There may be a dilemma about what to leave behind in order to move forwards. Perhaps we are carrying too much baggage from the past or maybe we feel responsible for someone or something that is holding us back." Anything that threatens to keep us fearful and insecure, would be best left behind now, in order to tap into our true Power. Sitting On Top of the World, there is no need to lower our vibrations. Gratitude, celebration, and rest are much more in order in this Venusian time.

Blessed Be,

The Lioness Oracle

September Forecast

September begins with a bang. A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo occurs on the 1st of the month. The combination of a new calendar month, along with a new moon cycle, allows us to begin anew with powerful force. 

The Ace of Pentacles indicates what we desire: a positive new beginning that is tangible. The fact that it came up reversed, does not mean failure in this regard. It simply means that there are matters we must confront first. This is where Fear comes in. It is easier to shove our fears deep into the subconscious where we don't have to look at them every day. If we believe that they do not affect us from that deep place, then we are mistaken. If we truly want to release blockages then we need to take a look at what is causing them, and then say goodbye. The Two of Cups pours the healing waters of love on this situation. We are not denied love from Spirit when we confront our fears. Just like a dear friend, Spirit will rub our back when we cry. When the icky stuff leaves our space, love will rush in. 

Mercury Retrograde may discombobulate you this month, but It Gets Better reveals that the struggle is temporary. If we can look at the Retrograde period as a chance to learn valuable lessons, then we will aid the healing that wishes to occur. Once the learning cycle ends, then The Fool and The Chariot will cease to be blocked. The new journey will ensue with confidence and speed. Rushing to this point will only guarantee that we revisit the hard stuff another time. If we are patient and allow the healing to complete itself, then our confidence and new chapter will be that much more powerful. 

It is all happening. Release worry. Release doubt. Release fear. Trust and have faith. Surrender.

Blessed Be.

-The Lioness Oracle

August's Forecast

The month of August begins with a New Moon in Leo on the 2nd. This is also the day that Mars returns from retrograding in Scorpio, returning to Sagittarius.These two aspects joining together untie some ropes that may have been binding.  A reversed Ace of Swords indicates that the collective troubles of society, as well as our own personal obstacles, may have caused us to feel like we are losing a battle of sorts. It also speaks to the mind being chaotic and unclear, due to merging with many other opinions, arguments, drama, and energies in general. The New Moon in Leo provides a chance to cut negative chords, and return to the solace of self. Leo after all, is a sign of self-esteem, self-realization, and the healing power of it's ruler, the Sun. Self Care is here to say that although we care about others, there is a need to care for our own mind-body-spirit connection. Only when we are thriving and balanced, can we truly provide service, and accomplish our goals. If we tend to our health, the Six of Wands represents an opportunity to be recognized, supported, and celebrated. I will also add, that The Six of Wands came up in the exact same position last month! So this is two months in a row where we are positively rewarded for clearing negative energy from our space!

A reversed Strength card may speak to feeling tired from coming up against obstacles. The Sun being in Leo, the card's ruler, provides a chance to tap into our courage. This is a great month to work with the Solar Plexus, which rules self-esteem, confidence, self-expression, performance, manifestation, protection, strength, and ambition. The colors yellow and gold are excellent to work with in any way, as well as stones such as Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, and Pyrite. Having a strong Solar Plexus ensures that even if there are challenges, we are able to face them with empowerment. Be careful not to over-exert however, or push too hard, as Healing says that we are healing from all of the old unwanted baggage that we are releasing. Healing work requires that we rest when needed, as the mind, body, and spirit are all working to purge. This work takes up a lot of energy, so relaxation is a must. If we balance courage and healing, then Justice heralds a time of aligning with personal truth. Having a deep sense of our own moral compass is essential to progress and well-being. If we stay ungrounded and burnt out, then our center will be overthrown. Know when to let go, tend to self, and also...PLAY. Getting in touch with the inner child is a huge part of Self-Care!!! 

Love yourself and stay focused on your intentions!

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle 

Half Moon in Libra, July 11th, 2016

This article was first written for the Homestead Apothecary newsletter. Please support and follow them, as they are a wonderful business.

It is Monday, the day of the week named for the Moon. The Sun has set as I sit here and click the keyboard with my fingertips. The Moon is waxing, and today marks the First Quarter, also known as the Half Moon. It is in Libra. A week ago I planted Sunflower seeds into the earth of my mother's garden. Fitting that the Moon was in Cancer, the Moon Mother sign, at that time, as I celebrated Mother Earth and Mother Moon, with my physical Mother. Each seed was planted with loving intention, and blessing...a fun symbolic way to cast spells with Nature. Today they have sprouted green, and by the Full Moon will have grown further. I love Moon Magick. If you have received a reading from me, you may very well have heard me suggest it, and explain the benefits. 

So I went to Homestead on this Half Moon Libra day, as it is a well-spring of magick and self-care that I like to visit, not to mention one of my beloved Tarot reading spots. While there, I picked up Many Moons by Modern Women, and a Magic Hour Air candle. I left knowing that I would now be spending the evening in creative ritual with these lovely tools. Ritual is a sacred practice that also doubles as a mode of artistic expression. So I lit the magickal Air candle, honoring Libra Moon. I re-decorated my altar, as I do regularly to keep the energy flowing, and also when I initiate a new ritual. I put on Erik Satie's minimal melodic piano sounds, and read Modern Women's beautiful and insightful words. I took the advice of the book and expressed gratitude on this Libra Moon night. I took out Moon Angels, by Rebekah Erev, and asked who wanted to lay on the altar and join in on the Air celebration. Well card number 10, Imagination came forward. What do you know, this is the description of the card, "The epitome of an Aquarian. Total freedom, non-linear, untethered by the confines of the mind. Using the mind to spawn underground crystal caves, a place to swim under the surface of the earth that's cold as ice." So Aquarius, another Air sign, joined the party. Being an Aquarius Rising myself, I did not mind this at all. Then, with intention of will, I placed the Ace of Swords next to the Moon Angel. Swords represent Air in Tarot, which in turn rules the mind, communication, power, and protection. One of my favorite cards in the deck, the Ace of Swords symbolizes victory, wisdom, honorable wielding of the sword, clarity, and Mind Power. 

Gratitude, freedom of Imagination, and strength of mind. These were the qualities that came through on this evening, and will blossom with every lighting of the candle, until the Full Moon. The seeds that sprouted will keep growing, and the flowers will bloom. Ritual and Moon Magick will continue. Self-Discovery is an endless path, that illuminates and enlightens. Massive love to all beings on the earth.

As Above, So Below.

Blessed Be ) O (

-The Lioness Oracle

July's Forecast

We begin the month with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. Cancer speaks of nurturing, protection, family, home, and emotions. So these qualities are currently playing out in our outer expression (Sun), our inner landscape (Moon), our sense of beauty and sensuality (Venus), and our cognitive and communicative abilities (Mercury). Capricorn is opposing all of this in Pluto. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, achievement, work, and productivity. These qualities are present in the planet of death and rebirth, and transformation. A New Moon on the 4th gives us a chance to metaphorically (or literally if you have a garden!) plant seeds in all of these areas for healthy growth and evolvement. Capricorn will show up again as the Full Moon on the 19th, so prepare for more illumination in the realm of Cancer and Capricorn. 

The cards have some specific messages to help us during the next month. Choice is reminding us that we are in control of our own lives. It would serve us greatly to take an honest look at where we are giving our power away, and take that power back. Given the previous information about the current astrology, this could be occurring in the family (Cancer), or work (Capricorn) areas of life. The reversed Knight of Swords says that we may be reluctant to move the energy around in this regard, but again an honest assessment can help us do it with courage. On the other hand, The Six of Wands does speak of achievements to be proud of, and people who support us. There is a healthy balance here. 

Spirit represents the need to align with our personal truth. When we take a moment to breathe and look within, we can get in touch with our heart's desires, and our unique calling. In addition, taking the time to connect with the spirit of Nature can bring us back to what is important, and what is not. This is especially important as the last two cards contain a message of stress. The Ten of Wands is that time when all has become too much, and burnout is near. The Ten of Swords is a mental stress card. Spirit Speak has a unique message in that it represents possible drama with others. The figure in the center has placed headphones on to shut out the toxic babble of the heads around her. Yes this card is reversed, but I don't see a big difference here. It may be muted, or it may be overblown. Let us take a moment to recognize the pattern of TEN and TEN. Excess, and here not in a good way. So even more important to use Cancer's abilities for nurturing, and nurture our Spirit! Use Capricorn's abilities for the better instead of the worse. Instead of overworking ourselves and involving ourselves in toxic power battles, let us organize our lives so that our Spirit is contained in a healthy body, and a healthy life. This echoes the play between the planets in Cancer, and Pluto calling us to transform how we deal with Capricorn qualities. 

Take excellent care of yourself this month. Self-care...self-care...self-care. 

Blessed Be   ) O ( 

-The Lioness Oracle  

Summer Solstice + Full Strawberry Moon

Today marks an event that has not occurred in over 70 years. The Sun is at its most powerful, beginning the season of summer, while the Moon has also reached full illumination. So the Sun, representing vitality, strength, action, confidence, joy, expression, warmth, life-sustenance, growth, etc., is matching the Moon, representing the movement of water, emotion, intuition, conscious-subconscious-unconscious, receptivity, introspection, and the realm of night (that which is hidden by darkness). Together, these planets symbolize two powerful archetypal energies that govern how we live our life. Today, I believe we are given a chance to bring balance to the two. Potent magic is available today that can heal our past and present, while sowing seeds for future well-being. There are many ways to honor this cosmic happening, and receive benefit. Find your own. Here are a few suggestions should you feel stumped:

Write down some intentions or affirmations. With a candle burning, and your spirit centered, burn this paper. Make sure you have a fire proof receptacle to do this in, and preferably do it outside. 

Plant some actual seeds into a garden, or pot of soil. They can be herbs, flowers, anything. The point is that your intentions are physically being planted in soil, and will grow with the plants. It is a beautiful way to connect with nature and connect with yourself. Never under estimate the power of symbolic gestures, such as this act. They work with your subconscious, and I believe, emit vibrations that work to shape your life. 

Clean out some stagnant energy in your wallet, home, car, etc. Again this is a symbolic way to affirm that the old is out, and the new is welcome. Feng Shui is popular for good reason. It works. 

Do some journaling if you feel pent up emotions. Get them all out on paper as a kind of purging. You will feel lighter because it won't be stuck inside you with no expression anymore.

Decorate your altar if you have one. Place Tarot cards that you are currently working with, as well as Summer flowers, and gemstones/crystals of your choice. Get creative. The joy that goes into a personal altar can bring magical change into your life. 

Hang out in NATURE!!!!!!!! Today is the longest day of the year so go out and get some sunshine! Let the power of the sun teach you how to be strong, warm, joyous, vital, confident and optimistic! Enjoy loved ones, plants and animals. CELEBRATE!!!!!!! Celebrate life, love, and the blessings you enjoy. Be grateful for what you have. 

I wish you all the blessings the Universe has to offer you. I hold intentions for healing of humanity and mother earth. We all deserve peace, equality, and freedom. There is a saying in Sanskrit that goes  Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu, which means "May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all." If all of us had this attitude, there would be no such thing as violence, hatred, greed, and intolerance. I hope that more of us will try. I certainly am not perfect at all. I am still working on myself. I am also in service to those who would like to receive a reading from me! I bring my best self to the table, and offer Divination with Love and Light. 

As above, So Below. 

Blessed Be.     ) O (

June Forecast

The month of June begins with a New Moon in Gemini. (June 4th) This is a bit of an unusual New Moon, as it forms a mutable Grand Cross with Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and the nodes. Grand Crosses are formed when planets square each other. Squares challenge us, causing change. If we fight against it, we are bringing more stress than necessary. This is why the card Move On is showing up. It is urging us to open our arms and let go of what is not working, rather than hold on for dear life. A reversed Seven of Pentacles and Strength card tell us that there is much we have harvested from our past challenges. They have made us strong and regal like a lion. Regret can be reframed into acceptance that along our path there are obstacles, set-backs, and surprises. These things have the potential to sharpen our desires, boundaries, self-love, and growth...but we have to allow this. So let go, and embrace change with a smile. Shake off the dust and realize that there is the potential to create a reality that aligns with truth.

The Moon's square with Venus and Saturn may be bringing up Romance issues. Singles may be wondering when that special someone will appear. Do they even exist? New relationships may be reaching that point where the question "what's next?" is rearing its head. Long term partnerships may be taking the time to fix the broken parts. This is what the upside down Romance card is all about. The work we do in this area is part of a larger picture, however. The Ten of Pentacles tells us that we are growing roots that lead to lasting security, stability, and strength. The reversed Six of Wands tell us, that if harmony and support is to be restored, then both parties must own up to their actions. Equality creates balance. Singles can look within to check in and ask where negative expectations, or lack of self love is present. Singles and relationship folks alike would do well to release toxicity of the past, to create room for the new. 

The Four of Wands is saying "Hey folks. I know all this work and change may be annoying, but don't worry. There is still so much to celebrate and be happy about. Be grateful for what you have. Don't let the work pull you into a place where nothing is good enough and there is no appreciation for life." Celebrate all you have accomplished. Cherish loved ones. Bless the roof over your head and the food you eat. Don't take any privilege for granted. All the change can lead to a better life, especially if we affirm it! 

A fabulous way to honor this celebration is with the Summer Solstice. On June 21st the light will be at its most powerful. Take this time to celebrate manifestation, joy, love, desires, goals, and the bounty of the earth. This is an extremely potent time to create reality. Have fun and enjoy it!

Blessed Be,

The Lioness Oracle 

May Forecast

It is no secret that there are five planets in retrograde. If you have any interest in woo, then you are hearing about this cosmic happening on the daily. This kind of retrograde heaviness hasn't occurred in over ten years, so it is only natural to talk about it and wonder about the significance it holds. Getting completely hung up on fear is not in our best interest, however. We would do much better to stay positive and get all we can out of this interesting period of planetary history. 

A reversed King of Wands is saying what up again. If you read last month's forecast then you will remember his presence. He is just reminding us to use this retrograde energy to review, reset, recap, rewind, resolve, redo, rehash...ok you get the damn point. He is the King of fire, passion, and creativity, so going over the steps in his terrain will actually do us a whole lot of good. His companion in this reading is a reversed Chariot card. This basically echoes a similar message. Be patient with the process. Rushing and forcing things to happen is going to get us nowhere. All will manifest in due time. 

A New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 6th. This is an auspicious time to work with wishes and intentions. The Star is sprinkling some pixie dust in this reading and confirming the potential of our deepest desires and dreams. Align with your light, love and truth. Every soul has a unique authenticity to share and diversity is what makes this world interesting. Shine bright.

"Taurus is a yummy sign," say Romance and Freedom. We are being given an opportunity to connect with what we love in life. Diving into the romance of living our lives can free our spirits from bondage. So dive deep and luxuriate. Freedom could also be pointing towards the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 21st. Sag is the truth speaker, so it is not far fetched to say that we could be aligning with our authenticity at this time. This too will create freedom. Hallelujah. 

Love your life, be free and shine your light. 

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle

April Forecast

Just when we thought we had done enough Spring cleaning, April asks us to do a whole lot more. Our time of renewal is not yet finished. If this is embraced, and consciously worked with, then the butterfly will emerge from the cocoon with colors so vivid, the past darkness will begin to fade. If blinders are put on however, there could be quite a bit of pent up frustration in the month ahead. 


In the trio of Tarot cards, Death is the only one that faces upward. This is a clear message to clean out our closets, both proverbially and literally. There are things in our lives that have run their course. They are ready to pass. Do not hold on any longer. This will only prevent healthy progression. The card Forgive guides us to make peace with the past. Let go of regret, guilt, shame, and bitterness. Realize that others are doing the best they can with the knowledge they are working with, as are you. Lift the burden of hate and resentment from the heart. Liberation and freedom are the rewards for putting the work in here.


By the end of the month, five planets will have turned retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn are already there. On the 17th and 18th Mars and Pluto will join, followed by Mercury on the 28th. The cosmos are telling us to review and reset. With the inverted King and Knight of Wands, this may prove to be a challenge. There is much we wish to get done, create and accomplish, and we may feel impatient that it is a bit halted this month. Aries is lighting a huge fire under our booties. Appease yourself a bit by working with the New Moon in Aries on the 7th. Set your goals and intentions, but don't beat yourself up if they don't manifest instantly. 


Rather than fight against this and have a meltdown, work with it as best as you can. Work with the crystal Amethyst, which induces peace and tranquility, while connecting you to your Higher Self. Take time to be in nature. This is a month where writing in a journal can prove to be invaluable. Complete errands and tasks that you have been procrastinating on. This will clear out stagnant energy in a huge way. Work with herbs that bring you to truth, such as Sister Spinster's 0 Ghosts. Make sure that you are smudging regularly to help clear away that which you are releasing. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd will illuminate that which lies in the depths, especially emotionally. Again, broken record status...but release release release, and forgive yourself and others. Work with the scent of rose to sooth your heart chakra. 


The reward for all of this is Birth! A new chapter is ahead, with new ideas, opportunities, and people. A new Self! The light is visible. The rainbow is near. Take care of yourself, and get rid of that muck. 


         With love,

      The Lioness Oracle

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Manifesting with the Waxing Moon!


I promised you all a second blog post on Moon Magick! I almost forgot! Oooooooh life. If you read the previous post then this should be easy. If you have not, check it out! 

So you have burned your banishing list on the New Moon. Now what do you do? 

Set New Moon Intentions and/or work with the waxing moon to manifest that which you desire.

The easy quick follow up with my previous this:

Set the mood. Put on some music, light some candles. Don't have time? That's ok too. Get a sheet of paper and write a list of things you wish to come to fruition with the moon's increasing light. You can keep this list somewhere special, and give it a little attention each day. Bless it or light a candle daily. There is no need to obsess about your list each day, or stress yourself out over whether it is all going your way. Just stay positive and intend that this spell work out for your Highest Good. Sometimes things will manifest like magic within the two week period. Other times it may not be Divine Timing quite yet, and although the magic has DEFINITELY been released into the cosmos, it may take a little more time. There is also the possibility that you are wishing for something that for whatever reason is not in your Highest Interest, and with time you may realize this, and be relieved it didn't come true. An old saying is key: Be careful what you wish for! Choose wisely. Intentions for healing, abundance, self-love, ect. are issues you can never really go wrong with!! 

Burn this list on the night of the Full Moon. :)

Have fun with this.

Blessings. ) O (

Easy Banishing Ritual for Modern Witches

We are one week into the waning moon. If you haven't done a banishing ritual yet you are in still have one week to go. 

What is a banishing ritual? And why would you want to do one?

First, let me give you a quick explanation of how Moon Magick works...

When the moon is Waxing (New Moon until Full Moon), it is a perfect time to work with manifesting, acquiring, gathering, empowering, building ect. Why? It is quite simple: The moon is growing in it's power by building up to it's fullness, and therefore is affecting our lives in the same way. As the Moon rules the tides, it rules our mostly watery bodies in a similar way. So the Waxing Moon period is the auspicious time to cast a spell for that which you want to manifest and "grow" in your life.

The Waning Moon (Full Moon to New Moon) is the period where you want to focus on getting rid of, banishing, letting go of, saying goodbye to ect. The Moon is moving towards darkness to prepare for the New Moon cycle, and so...yes you guessed it...we are as well. Soooooooooo to get to the point of this post......let's talk about BANISHING...and why it is a good idea.

In order to make room for that which you desire, you have to get rid of the caca blocking the way first. Think about it this way...if you went out and bought an amazing new wardrobe for Fall...and you came home and your closet was filled to the brim with crap you are tired of, don't wear, and have been meaning to sell or give away for some would not only get in the way of your new wardrobe, taking up the space needed to put the new stuff would also take away from the beauty of your new things. Every time you went to your closet, your beautiful new clothes would be crammed in with old tired crap. It would be distracting and annoying. Sooooo my beautiful darlings, would it not be better to clean out the closet first, and then go shopping? Yes! When you came home your clothes would fit perfectly into your closet, with the things you already love and adore, and you would stare at your collection and say..."I love my clothes!!!!" 

So here are the Banishing tips for you. I have made these super easy. For the witch on the go...ya know???

Take a piece of paper. Put your favorite music on. Light a candle. If you have an extra minute, take a moment to meditate on what you would like to banish. This is also the time to invoke any of your other worldy helpers if you are into that. Get your pen and write out your list. I like to either write or say out loud that the list is intended for my Highest Good, harming none. You got that last piece babes? I don't recommend using magick to harm others, get revenge, or any nonsense like that. This is to help you, not to get drunk on power. Besides, your magic comes back to you. So send out bad vibes and get it back darlings. When you intend that your list is for your Highest Good, harming none, then the magic will work for exactly that. 

Any waaaaaaaay...there are a couple of things you can do to carry out this spell. One is to simply get a candle that will last through the waning phase, and light it a little every day in honor of your list. The second way is to send some loving energy to your list every day by praying over it, holding it to your heart, kissing it...whatever! If you are Reiki attuned then Reiki it!!!! I love doing that as I am Reiki attuned. When the New Moon arrives (keep track on a calendar or on your favorite Astrology or Moon Phase website), burn that baby up!!!! You may want to do this outside to be extra safe. Do it in a bowl that is fireproof. Make sure it burns all the way, and discard the ashes. If you can put the ashes in soil, great! If not don't worry. I myself live in an apartment and often have to discard them in the trash or drain. 

You are done!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Stay tuned as I will post a quick review of how to do this for the Waxing Moon. It is basically the same process, so it will just be a quickie. I hope this helped you witchy wonders out there. 

Much Love. Blessed Be. ) O (

Aquarius Blue Moon Reading

Card One: The Light Side of the Moon

The Three of Swords. Light side? Doesn't look like it eh? Good news. A lot of us are overcoming heartache and pain of the past. Some of you may have experienced full breakthroughs, and as a result are feeling freed from bondage and taking a much needed bath in light. Others may feel that the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel has not been reached yet, but have begun to realize it exists, therefore feel a sense of relief. This Blue Moon is giving much opportunity to heal what needs to be healed, and no matter what, that is a wonderful thing. Healing creates room for what we truly desire to come into our experience. Even if we are feeling fabulous every day, chances are, there are some creeps hanging out in our subconscious that we can say goodbye to. So take an opportunity to banish whatever needs to be eliminated as the moon begins to wane.

Card Two: The Dark Side of the Moon

Four of Pentacles Reversed. There may be a tendency at this time to hold onto beliefs, people, experiences, memories and things that do not serve you. Take a moment to connect with your inner wisdom, and lovingly release anything that is holding you back. Again, you can use the waning moon to ritualistically let go. This card also reminds us that giving and receiving freely creates abundance, and leaves us with a sense of ease in our lives. Rigidity will only lead to blocks in different areas of our experience. Also, with the turmoil going on in the world, the last thing needed is for any of us to add to it with hate, intolerance, shit talking, apathy and judgement. These elements are the sources of the racial issues, planetary ailments, and horrors occurring right now. If you think your voice, attitude, and actions are too small to make a difference, think again. Every individual who fuels love, acceptance, and understanding into the world helps to heal it. It all adds up, like water drops into a bowl. The drops may be small, but as they merge together they create a pool. Freedom is important right now. As Mother Earth needs to be freed from that which hurts her, so do we need to be freed from that which binds us.

Card Three: Balance

Mother of Wands. Celebrate what you have accomplished. Do not ignore even your smallest victories. Instead, uphold every single one. Be kind to yourself. Nurture your dreams, desires, fantasies. Cradle that which you love: your pets, partner, friends, home, hobbies, and passions. The snake sheds old skin, to reveal glistening scales. The previous two cards told you what the full moon wished to illuminate for you: shed the old tired crap. Now embrace what is good in your life. Love what makes you...YOU. You have unique tastes and style that have developed over time. Rock it and approve of it. Accept the new juicy pieces of the puzzle that wish to merge with you with open arms. The journey to wholeness is happening if you want it.

This reading was channeled with love for any that needed it. Blessed Be. 

Sunday Muse

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

Listening to records before work. Drinking my second cup of coffee from an old french press. Living a simple life with my husband and my cat, and feeling grateful for it. There are atrocities occurring in other parts of the world of such a magnitude, my heart can hardly deal. What I can do, is acknowledge my freedom, and the beauty of love in my life. I'm strumming the chords of my day at a time. Blessed Be. ) O ( 

Free Spirit in the real world...

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

I miss the open road. Seeing hawks, coyote and wildlife as a fresh breeze streams in through the window. Letting my imagination run wild. Coming to a new understanding. Having epiphanies. An owl staring me in the face trying to tell me something. Oh Goddess I crave an adventure. Travel. A road trip. Whatever. Something different than the day to day. Until then my faery self will just have to cope with earthly reality and earthly responsibilities. Blessed Be. ) O ( 

Full Moon in Leo!

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

As a Sun Leo myself, I cannot help but be excited about a Full Moon in Leo. Other full moons of the year do not neccessarily hold the potential for the kind of fun you can have with this one. It is also ripe for coming into self-confidence and authenticity. That piece is speaking to me and I am luxuriating in who I am, what I love in this life, and sharing it with others. Blessed Be friends. 

) O (


© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

So it is 2015. Another year ahead. I'm calling in Rhiannon's special manifesting power, as well as her guidance. (I'll probably listen to Stevie's call to Rhiannon over and over. Hail all ye Mac fans!) I wish to take actions that bring authenticity and freedom into my life. At the same time I am releasing a bit, because if life has taught me anything so far, it is that there are some things I cannot control, and sometimes we humans have to learn the hard way if we are going to grow. Sound familiar? We are all on the same journey in a way after all. So here is to the New Year, and saying goodbye to the year of The Horse (which is Rhiannon's animal friend if you didn't already know) and hello to the year of The Sheep. Blessed Be. ) O (

Samhain ) O (

Snagged from

Snagged from

October is drawing to a close, and the veil between worlds is thin. As a witch I am feeling the energy, and I know my cats are too. This year will mark an especially pivotal time for me to honor the dead, for my beloved father passed six months ago. I will be attending Spiral Dance in San Francisco, a gathering hosted by Starhawk, where the Sabbat of Samhain will be honored by ritual. Meanwhile I am treasuring my memory of him, enjoying the sight of pumpkins, playing with my tarot cards as usual, and harvesting all I have learned this past year. I love autumn. The quality of the light changes, the air becomes more crisp, and tea becomes a constant. So in honor of today's Solar Ecipse/New Moon in Scorpio and upcoming Samhain, I toast to you all in the name of magic! Blessed Be.