November Forecast

The month begins on the tail of a New Moon in Scorpio, as well as the Samhain period (Hallow's Eve, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead etc.). This combination seems to scream "Healing!" at us. Indeed that card popped up in the reading today. The kind of healing Scorpio brings is not always easy. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the transformation planet, and Mars, the fiery war planet. In other words, the kind of transformative healing that this combination brings can be jarring, turbulent, even violent. It needs to happen, however. When ugly things lurk in the shadows, it is better that they are illuminated, so they can be on their way. Samhain is when the veil is thin between the Earth plane, and the plane of Spirit. It is common to celebrate our ancestors during this time. After all, they once lived and are beyond Earthly challenges now. Seeking their guidance is helpful. 

The Five of Wands resembles irritations currently present. Although they are annoying, they are clues as to what is no longer working in our lives. It is time to let go. The reversed Seven of Pentacles depicts a crossroads. Choices need to be made before moving forward. They are not easy choices. We need to trust our intuition. Trust our gut feelings. 

Romance represents love in all its forms. It doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship. Where does love reside? Find it. Open up to it. Let it in. It is going to give that Healing a little sweetness. There is enough heaviness going around. It is ok for us to remember what we love, who we love, and how we love. 

The Lonely Journey of The Priestess speaks to the path we all walk. In the end, no matter how many people we collect, there are crucial steps we have to take alone. This is the journey of The Fool. The journey of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. The path of The Hero. Yes it can be lonely at times, but the treasure at the end is worth it. The strength we gain is invaluable. The wisdom we gain can and will be of Service to others. It doesn't matter if it comes up in casual conversation, a blog, a workshop, whatever. Once one of us has surmounted a serious obstacle, we can share our experience with others. That kind of human exchange is...well, priceless.

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle