June Forecast

The month of June begins with a New Moon in Gemini. (June 4th) This is a bit of an unusual New Moon, as it forms a mutable Grand Cross with Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and the nodes. Grand Crosses are formed when planets square each other. Squares challenge us, causing change. If we fight against it, we are bringing more stress than necessary. This is why the card Move On is showing up. It is urging us to open our arms and let go of what is not working, rather than hold on for dear life. A reversed Seven of Pentacles and Strength card tell us that there is much we have harvested from our past challenges. They have made us strong and regal like a lion. Regret can be reframed into acceptance that along our path there are obstacles, set-backs, and surprises. These things have the potential to sharpen our desires, boundaries, self-love, and growth...but we have to allow this. So let go, and embrace change with a smile. Shake off the dust and realize that there is the potential to create a reality that aligns with truth.

The Moon's square with Venus and Saturn may be bringing up Romance issues. Singles may be wondering when that special someone will appear. Do they even exist? New relationships may be reaching that point where the question "what's next?" is rearing its head. Long term partnerships may be taking the time to fix the broken parts. This is what the upside down Romance card is all about. The work we do in this area is part of a larger picture, however. The Ten of Pentacles tells us that we are growing roots that lead to lasting security, stability, and strength. The reversed Six of Wands tell us, that if harmony and support is to be restored, then both parties must own up to their actions. Equality creates balance. Singles can look within to check in and ask where negative expectations, or lack of self love is present. Singles and relationship folks alike would do well to release toxicity of the past, to create room for the new. 

The Four of Wands is saying "Hey folks. I know all this work and change may be annoying, but don't worry. There is still so much to celebrate and be happy about. Be grateful for what you have. Don't let the work pull you into a place where nothing is good enough and there is no appreciation for life." Celebrate all you have accomplished. Cherish loved ones. Bless the roof over your head and the food you eat. Don't take any privilege for granted. All the change can lead to a better life, especially if we affirm it! 

A fabulous way to honor this celebration is with the Summer Solstice. On June 21st the light will be at its most powerful. Take this time to celebrate manifestation, joy, love, desires, goals, and the bounty of the earth. This is an extremely potent time to create reality. Have fun and enjoy it!

Blessed Be,

The Lioness Oracle