© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

© Alejandra León Wolfe Rocha

So it is 2015. Another year ahead. I'm calling in Rhiannon's special manifesting power, as well as her guidance. (I'll probably listen to Stevie's call to Rhiannon over and over. Hail all ye Mac fans!) I wish to take actions that bring authenticity and freedom into my life. At the same time I am releasing a bit, because if life has taught me anything so far, it is that there are some things I cannot control, and sometimes we humans have to learn the hard way if we are going to grow. Sound familiar? We are all on the same journey in a way after all. So here is to the New Year, and saying goodbye to the year of The Horse (which is Rhiannon's animal friend if you didn't already know) and hello to the year of The Sheep. Blessed Be. ) O (

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath...

Photos snagged from  Rolling Stone

Photos snagged from Rolling Stone

Not only am I grieving over losing the coolest dad in the world, but Pluto is dancing around in the 7th house of Libra (partnerships, art, harmony, cooperation, agreements, ect.) in my chart. So I've been a broody little creature lately...perfect time to listen to Black Sabbath every day. I love how they played with dark myth. They will always be cool in my book.