Half Moon in Libra, July 11th, 2016

This article was first written for the Homestead Apothecary newsletter. Please support and follow them, as they are a wonderful business.

It is Monday, the day of the week named for the Moon. The Sun has set as I sit here and click the keyboard with my fingertips. The Moon is waxing, and today marks the First Quarter, also known as the Half Moon. It is in Libra. A week ago I planted Sunflower seeds into the earth of my mother's garden. Fitting that the Moon was in Cancer, the Moon Mother sign, at that time, as I celebrated Mother Earth and Mother Moon, with my physical Mother. Each seed was planted with loving intention, and blessing...a fun symbolic way to cast spells with Nature. Today they have sprouted green, and by the Full Moon will have grown further. I love Moon Magick. If you have received a reading from me, you may very well have heard me suggest it, and explain the benefits. 

So I went to Homestead on this Half Moon Libra day, as it is a well-spring of magick and self-care that I like to visit, not to mention one of my beloved Tarot reading spots. While there, I picked up Many Moons by Modern Women, and a Magic Hour Air candle. I left knowing that I would now be spending the evening in creative ritual with these lovely tools. Ritual is a sacred practice that also doubles as a mode of artistic expression. So I lit the magickal Air candle, honoring Libra Moon. I re-decorated my altar, as I do regularly to keep the energy flowing, and also when I initiate a new ritual. I put on Erik Satie's minimal melodic piano sounds, and read Modern Women's beautiful and insightful words. I took the advice of the book and expressed gratitude on this Libra Moon night. I took out Moon Angels, by Rebekah Erev, and asked who wanted to lay on the altar and join in on the Air celebration. Well card number 10, Imagination came forward. What do you know, this is the description of the card, "The epitome of an Aquarian. Total freedom, non-linear, untethered by the confines of the mind. Using the mind to spawn underground crystal caves, a place to swim under the surface of the earth that's cold as ice." So Aquarius, another Air sign, joined the party. Being an Aquarius Rising myself, I did not mind this at all. Then, with intention of will, I placed the Ace of Swords next to the Moon Angel. Swords represent Air in Tarot, which in turn rules the mind, communication, power, and protection. One of my favorite cards in the deck, the Ace of Swords symbolizes victory, wisdom, honorable wielding of the sword, clarity, and Mind Power. 

Gratitude, freedom of Imagination, and strength of mind. These were the qualities that came through on this evening, and will blossom with every lighting of the candle, until the Full Moon. The seeds that sprouted will keep growing, and the flowers will bloom. Ritual and Moon Magick will continue. Self-Discovery is an endless path, that illuminates and enlightens. Massive love to all beings on the earth.

As Above, So Below.

Blessed Be ) O (

-The Lioness Oracle