April Forecast

Just when we thought we had done enough Spring cleaning, April asks us to do a whole lot more. Our time of renewal is not yet finished. If this is embraced, and consciously worked with, then the butterfly will emerge from the cocoon with colors so vivid, the past darkness will begin to fade. If blinders are put on however, there could be quite a bit of pent up frustration in the month ahead. 


In the trio of Tarot cards, Death is the only one that faces upward. This is a clear message to clean out our closets, both proverbially and literally. There are things in our lives that have run their course. They are ready to pass. Do not hold on any longer. This will only prevent healthy progression. The card Forgive guides us to make peace with the past. Let go of regret, guilt, shame, and bitterness. Realize that others are doing the best they can with the knowledge they are working with, as are you. Lift the burden of hate and resentment from the heart. Liberation and freedom are the rewards for putting the work in here.


By the end of the month, five planets will have turned retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn are already there. On the 17th and 18th Mars and Pluto will join, followed by Mercury on the 28th. The cosmos are telling us to review and reset. With the inverted King and Knight of Wands, this may prove to be a challenge. There is much we wish to get done, create and accomplish, and we may feel impatient that it is a bit halted this month. Aries is lighting a huge fire under our booties. Appease yourself a bit by working with the New Moon in Aries on the 7th. Set your goals and intentions, but don't beat yourself up if they don't manifest instantly. 


Rather than fight against this and have a meltdown, work with it as best as you can. Work with the crystal Amethyst, which induces peace and tranquility, while connecting you to your Higher Self. Take time to be in nature. This is a month where writing in a journal can prove to be invaluable. Complete errands and tasks that you have been procrastinating on. This will clear out stagnant energy in a huge way. Work with herbs that bring you to truth, such as Sister Spinster's 0 Ghosts. Make sure that you are smudging regularly to help clear away that which you are releasing. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd will illuminate that which lies in the depths, especially emotionally. Again, broken record status...but release release release, and forgive yourself and others. Work with the scent of rose to sooth your heart chakra. 


The reward for all of this is Birth! A new chapter is ahead, with new ideas, opportunities, and people. A new Self! The light is visible. The rainbow is near. Take care of yourself, and get rid of that muck. 


         With love,

      The Lioness Oracle

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