August's Forecast

The month of August begins with a New Moon in Leo on the 2nd. This is also the day that Mars returns from retrograding in Scorpio, returning to Sagittarius.These two aspects joining together untie some ropes that may have been binding.  A reversed Ace of Swords indicates that the collective troubles of society, as well as our own personal obstacles, may have caused us to feel like we are losing a battle of sorts. It also speaks to the mind being chaotic and unclear, due to merging with many other opinions, arguments, drama, and energies in general. The New Moon in Leo provides a chance to cut negative chords, and return to the solace of self. Leo after all, is a sign of self-esteem, self-realization, and the healing power of it's ruler, the Sun. Self Care is here to say that although we care about others, there is a need to care for our own mind-body-spirit connection. Only when we are thriving and balanced, can we truly provide service, and accomplish our goals. If we tend to our health, the Six of Wands represents an opportunity to be recognized, supported, and celebrated. I will also add, that The Six of Wands came up in the exact same position last month! So this is two months in a row where we are positively rewarded for clearing negative energy from our space!

A reversed Strength card may speak to feeling tired from coming up against obstacles. The Sun being in Leo, the card's ruler, provides a chance to tap into our courage. This is a great month to work with the Solar Plexus, which rules self-esteem, confidence, self-expression, performance, manifestation, protection, strength, and ambition. The colors yellow and gold are excellent to work with in any way, as well as stones such as Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, and Pyrite. Having a strong Solar Plexus ensures that even if there are challenges, we are able to face them with empowerment. Be careful not to over-exert however, or push too hard, as Healing says that we are healing from all of the old unwanted baggage that we are releasing. Healing work requires that we rest when needed, as the mind, body, and spirit are all working to purge. This work takes up a lot of energy, so relaxation is a must. If we balance courage and healing, then Justice heralds a time of aligning with personal truth. Having a deep sense of our own moral compass is essential to progress and well-being. If we stay ungrounded and burnt out, then our center will be overthrown. Know when to let go, tend to self, and also...PLAY. Getting in touch with the inner child is a huge part of Self-Care!!! 

Love yourself and stay focused on your intentions!

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle