December Forecast


December begins in the fiery Season of Sagittarius. The Three of wands is our muse in this realm, asking us to use our creativity to progress forward in life. This energy can also speak to Holiday social engagements, in which the fire of communication and merriment can be felt. 

The Seven of Cups represents the planets that journey through Pisces this month. First Chiron, (actually an asteroid) that seeks to heal us of deep wounds, further explained in the reversed Four of Discs, and a reversed Ten of Swords. It is time to open the heart, come out from hiding, and sacrifice the fear, pain, guilt, shame, and worry to the sea. Mars will also move into Pisces on the 19th, softening the fiery war planet with some dreamy waters. How can the utopian transcendence of Pisces/Neptune be realized on this planet? On a personal level, on a collective level? How can our individual purpose and creativity (Three of Wands) add to the progress of the collective? There is a need to balance the Self/Identity, with that of the Greater Whole.

 The Daughter of Swords symbolizes sharp ideas, intellect, and new thought forms. She represents the activists, writers, and speakers, as well as each of our individual capacity for fresh thinking. This energy can actually help the fantasy of The Seven of Cups become tangible. The Full Moon in Gemini (a sign of communication and learning) on the 14th, is a potent day for these ideals. 

The Nine of Swords, lying beneath the spread is the combination of our deep seated fears, as well as some general discombobulation brought on by the Mercury Retrograde, beginning on the 19th. We can transmute this with an open mind (Daughter of Swords), softening and healing (Seven of Cups), and optimism and creativity (Three of Wands). 

Happy Holidays, Peace, and Love.

-The Lioness Oracle