September Forecast

September begins with a bang. A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo occurs on the 1st of the month. The combination of a new calendar month, along with a new moon cycle, allows us to begin anew with powerful force. 

The Ace of Pentacles indicates what we desire: a positive new beginning that is tangible. The fact that it came up reversed, does not mean failure in this regard. It simply means that there are matters we must confront first. This is where Fear comes in. It is easier to shove our fears deep into the subconscious where we don't have to look at them every day. If we believe that they do not affect us from that deep place, then we are mistaken. If we truly want to release blockages then we need to take a look at what is causing them, and then say goodbye. The Two of Cups pours the healing waters of love on this situation. We are not denied love from Spirit when we confront our fears. Just like a dear friend, Spirit will rub our back when we cry. When the icky stuff leaves our space, love will rush in. 

Mercury Retrograde may discombobulate you this month, but It Gets Better reveals that the struggle is temporary. If we can look at the Retrograde period as a chance to learn valuable lessons, then we will aid the healing that wishes to occur. Once the learning cycle ends, then The Fool and The Chariot will cease to be blocked. The new journey will ensue with confidence and speed. Rushing to this point will only guarantee that we revisit the hard stuff another time. If we are patient and allow the healing to complete itself, then our confidence and new chapter will be that much more powerful. 

It is all happening. Release worry. Release doubt. Release fear. Trust and have faith. Surrender.

Blessed Be.

-The Lioness Oracle