July's Forecast

We begin the month with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. Cancer speaks of nurturing, protection, family, home, and emotions. So these qualities are currently playing out in our outer expression (Sun), our inner landscape (Moon), our sense of beauty and sensuality (Venus), and our cognitive and communicative abilities (Mercury). Capricorn is opposing all of this in Pluto. Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, achievement, work, and productivity. These qualities are present in the planet of death and rebirth, and transformation. A New Moon on the 4th gives us a chance to metaphorically (or literally if you have a garden!) plant seeds in all of these areas for healthy growth and evolvement. Capricorn will show up again as the Full Moon on the 19th, so prepare for more illumination in the realm of Cancer and Capricorn. 

The cards have some specific messages to help us during the next month. Choice is reminding us that we are in control of our own lives. It would serve us greatly to take an honest look at where we are giving our power away, and take that power back. Given the previous information about the current astrology, this could be occurring in the family (Cancer), or work (Capricorn) areas of life. The reversed Knight of Swords says that we may be reluctant to move the energy around in this regard, but again an honest assessment can help us do it with courage. On the other hand, The Six of Wands does speak of achievements to be proud of, and people who support us. There is a healthy balance here. 

Spirit represents the need to align with our personal truth. When we take a moment to breathe and look within, we can get in touch with our heart's desires, and our unique calling. In addition, taking the time to connect with the spirit of Nature can bring us back to what is important, and what is not. This is especially important as the last two cards contain a message of stress. The Ten of Wands is that time when all has become too much, and burnout is near. The Ten of Swords is a mental stress card. Spirit Speak has a unique message in that it represents possible drama with others. The figure in the center has placed headphones on to shut out the toxic babble of the heads around her. Yes this card is reversed, but I don't see a big difference here. It may be muted, or it may be overblown. Let us take a moment to recognize the pattern of TEN and TEN. Excess, and here not in a good way. So even more important to use Cancer's abilities for nurturing, and nurture our Spirit! Use Capricorn's abilities for the better instead of the worse. Instead of overworking ourselves and involving ourselves in toxic power battles, let us organize our lives so that our Spirit is contained in a healthy body, and a healthy life. This echoes the play between the planets in Cancer, and Pluto calling us to transform how we deal with Capricorn qualities. 

Take excellent care of yourself this month. Self-care...self-care...self-care. 

Blessed Be   ) O ( 

-The Lioness Oracle