October Forecast

October is here. The warmth of the sun lingers, as a chill wind begins to settle in. Autumn has come, and the daylight is decreasing. Libra season is upon us. It's ruler Venus, is reminding us of beauty, harmony, relationships and balance. The veil is thin this time of year, providing a chance to communicate with our ancestors and Spirit in all it's forms. 

There is a square between Mars and Jupiter this month. This cosmic interaction is feeding us fiery energy with which to get things done. The past few months were centered around Healing blocks and fear. While Healing is still present in this reading, so is Sitting On Top of the World. The fiery energy is gifting us a sense of success and completion. Many struggles have been overcome. There is a warning of burnout however, and the Four of Swords is here to remind us to prioritize resting. The Libra scales can help us balance intense action, with complete relaxation. 

Hiding in the shadows is The Ten of Swords. It is important to be aware of who or what has us stressed and fearful. The One Who Hides the Sun speaks to possible jealousies, competition, and general toxic energy from others, that can dim our light. Astrologer Leah Whitehorse, in describing the nature of Saturn's square to the nodes on October 8th, says "There may be a dilemma about what to leave behind in order to move forwards. Perhaps we are carrying too much baggage from the past or maybe we feel responsible for someone or something that is holding us back." Anything that threatens to keep us fearful and insecure, would be best left behind now, in order to tap into our true Power. Sitting On Top of the World, there is no need to lower our vibrations. Gratitude, celebration, and rest are much more in order in this Venusian time.

Blessed Be,

The Lioness Oracle