May Forecast

It is no secret that there are five planets in retrograde. If you have any interest in woo, then you are hearing about this cosmic happening on the daily. This kind of retrograde heaviness hasn't occurred in over ten years, so it is only natural to talk about it and wonder about the significance it holds. Getting completely hung up on fear is not in our best interest, however. We would do much better to stay positive and get all we can out of this interesting period of planetary history. 

A reversed King of Wands is saying what up again. If you read last month's forecast then you will remember his presence. He is just reminding us to use this retrograde energy to review, reset, recap, rewind, resolve, redo, rehash...ok you get the damn point. He is the King of fire, passion, and creativity, so going over the steps in his terrain will actually do us a whole lot of good. His companion in this reading is a reversed Chariot card. This basically echoes a similar message. Be patient with the process. Rushing and forcing things to happen is going to get us nowhere. All will manifest in due time. 

A New Moon in Taurus occurs on the 6th. This is an auspicious time to work with wishes and intentions. The Star is sprinkling some pixie dust in this reading and confirming the potential of our deepest desires and dreams. Align with your light, love and truth. Every soul has a unique authenticity to share and diversity is what makes this world interesting. Shine bright.

"Taurus is a yummy sign," say Romance and Freedom. We are being given an opportunity to connect with what we love in life. Diving into the romance of living our lives can free our spirits from bondage. So dive deep and luxuriate. Freedom could also be pointing towards the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 21st. Sag is the truth speaker, so it is not far fetched to say that we could be aligning with our authenticity at this time. This too will create freedom. Hallelujah. 

Love your life, be free and shine your light. 

Blessed Be,

-The Lioness Oracle