Manifesting with the Waxing Moon!


I promised you all a second blog post on Moon Magick! I almost forgot! Oooooooh life. If you read the previous post then this should be easy. If you have not, check it out! 

So you have burned your banishing list on the New Moon. Now what do you do? 

Set New Moon Intentions and/or work with the waxing moon to manifest that which you desire.

The easy quick follow up with my previous this:

Set the mood. Put on some music, light some candles. Don't have time? That's ok too. Get a sheet of paper and write a list of things you wish to come to fruition with the moon's increasing light. You can keep this list somewhere special, and give it a little attention each day. Bless it or light a candle daily. There is no need to obsess about your list each day, or stress yourself out over whether it is all going your way. Just stay positive and intend that this spell work out for your Highest Good. Sometimes things will manifest like magic within the two week period. Other times it may not be Divine Timing quite yet, and although the magic has DEFINITELY been released into the cosmos, it may take a little more time. There is also the possibility that you are wishing for something that for whatever reason is not in your Highest Interest, and with time you may realize this, and be relieved it didn't come true. An old saying is key: Be careful what you wish for! Choose wisely. Intentions for healing, abundance, self-love, ect. are issues you can never really go wrong with!! 

Burn this list on the night of the Full Moon. :)

Have fun with this.

Blessings. ) O (