Easy Banishing Ritual for Modern Witches

We are one week into the waning moon. If you haven't done a banishing ritual yet you are in luck...you still have one week to go. 

What is a banishing ritual? And why would you want to do one?

First, let me give you a quick explanation of how Moon Magick works...

When the moon is Waxing (New Moon until Full Moon), it is a perfect time to work with manifesting, acquiring, gathering, empowering, building ect. Why? It is quite simple: The moon is growing in it's power by building up to it's fullness, and therefore is affecting our lives in the same way. As the Moon rules the tides, it rules our mostly watery bodies in a similar way. So the Waxing Moon period is the auspicious time to cast a spell for that which you want to manifest and "grow" in your life.

The Waning Moon (Full Moon to New Moon) is the period where you want to focus on getting rid of, banishing, letting go of, saying goodbye to ect. The Moon is moving towards darkness to prepare for the New Moon cycle, and so...yes you guessed it...we are as well. Soooooooooo to get to the point of this post......let's talk about BANISHING...and why it is a good idea.

In order to make room for that which you desire, you have to get rid of the caca blocking the way first. Think about it this way...if you went out and bought an amazing new wardrobe for Fall...and you came home and your closet was filled to the brim with crap you are tired of, don't wear, and have been meaning to sell or give away for some time...it would not only get in the way of your new wardrobe, taking up the space needed to put the new stuff away...it would also take away from the beauty of your new things. Every time you went to your closet, your beautiful new clothes would be crammed in with old tired crap. It would be distracting and annoying. Sooooo my beautiful darlings, would it not be better to clean out the closet first, and then go shopping? Yes! When you came home your clothes would fit perfectly into your closet, with the things you already love and adore, and you would stare at your collection and say..."I love my clothes!!!!" 

So here are the Banishing tips for you. I have made these super easy. For the witch on the go...ya know???

Take a piece of paper. Put your favorite music on. Light a candle. If you have an extra minute, take a moment to meditate on what you would like to banish. This is also the time to invoke any of your other worldy helpers if you are into that. Get your pen and write out your list. I like to either write or say out loud that the list is intended for my Highest Good, harming none. You got that last piece babes? I don't recommend using magick to harm others, get revenge, or any nonsense like that. This is to help you, not to get drunk on power. Besides, your magic comes back to you. So send out bad vibes and get it back darlings. When you intend that your list is for your Highest Good, harming none, then the magic will work for exactly that. 

Any waaaaaaaay...there are a couple of things you can do to carry out this spell. One is to simply get a candle that will last through the waning phase, and light it a little every day in honor of your list. The second way is to send some loving energy to your list every day by praying over it, holding it to your heart, kissing it...whatever! If you are Reiki attuned then Reiki it!!!! I love doing that as I am Reiki attuned. When the New Moon arrives (keep track on a calendar or on your favorite Astrology or Moon Phase website), burn that baby up!!!! You may want to do this outside to be extra safe. Do it in a bowl that is fireproof. Make sure it burns all the way, and discard the ashes. If you can put the ashes in soil, great! If not don't worry. I myself live in an apartment and often have to discard them in the trash or drain. 

You are done!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Stay tuned as I will post a quick review of how to do this for the Waxing Moon. It is basically the same process, so it will just be a quickie. I hope this helped you witchy wonders out there. 

Much Love. Blessed Be. ) O (