"My reading with Alejandra- The Lioness Oracle herself- was more helpful than I ever imagined it could be. Not only did she unearth some questions/issues I'd not anticipated, she also thoroughly covered any questions I had about her readings of each card and it's significance to insure that I was getting maximum benefit and understanding. She's charming but honest, respectful and trustworthy in this realm where one's feelings and one's very life and happiness are on the line. I would not hesitate to recommend the LIONESS to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their lives."     - Paul M. 

"Alejandra is one of the most talented readers that I know. Reading tarot is truly one of her deepest passions and she reads cards with such care and attention. Her intuitive abilities have been able to shine light on matters in my life that were not clear before. Her readings have become a part of my life, her guidance aiding me in my spiritual journey and path in life."    - Mary E.

"Alejandra has such a strong intuitive compass. Her wisdom is something fierce and she offers such breadth of perspective. Her valuable insights have really helped inform the way I navigate my life's direction."   - Kellee D.

"Alejandra is an incredibly gifted reader. She and I have been exchanging readings on a regular basis for some time now and in the years I've known her, both as friend and fellow tarot enthusiast, I have watched her gifts grow immensely. Many times her unique perspective and wise interpretations have proved invaluable to my life and my spiritual path. She has a one of a kind way of gently guiding one's perspective back to the real matters at hand and a talent for taking note of energies that lie behind what we as querents are experiencing. I have rarely seen a reader blend tradition and intuition in such an effortless and loving way."    - Ryan B.

"The Lioness Oracle AKA Alejandra gave me a reading that was clear, insightful and spot on regarding the direction of my life. What followed and what continues to show up is face value true to what she intuited and counseled based on the divine connection with higher powers at constant play and the ancient tools she utilizes through the cards. Grateful and highly recommend!"   - Jani S.

"Alejandra is a beautiful spirit. During her reading she created a safe, loving, and inspiring environment. I am grateful for the guidance that helped dissipate the confusion that had been challenging my mind. Thank you for reminding me of my path and encouraging me to continue the journey."     - Michelle R.

"Alejandra is a truly magical, intuitive, insightful and wise woman. Her tarot readings have supported huge positive shifts in my life and I highly recommend booking a session to see for yourself. So much praise and gratitude for The Lioness Oracle!"    - Jasmine B.

"Alejandra is awesome! My reading was very accurate and her sweet demeanor put me at ease. My mom and I both received readings from her and it helped us both out a lot."    - Cicely M.

"Alejandra has given me three tarot card readings over the last four months. From the very first time in meeting her I had an immediate sense of professional comfort and ease. She is very kind, compassionate, and positive. Her readings are spot on to an eerie and detailed accuracy which in turn has given me a better sense of direction and guidance in my life. I look forward to continue working with her in the future."   - Mario O.

"Alejandra is my favorite reader by far. Her deep intuitive nature combined with her down to earth delivery not only made for a great reading, but  allowed for me to really grasp what the cards meant in the context of my life. Everything she said was so on point that I was able to identify it as it was happening. If you are looking for a little guidance or nudge in the right direction I highly recommend The Lioness Oracle!" - Aima P.

"Alejandra is a fresh and authentic voice in the Tarot and healing community. Her natural warmth, sincerity and ability to intuit are powerful catalysts for an amazing reading. The readings she's done for me have been so healing, enlightening and perspective shifting, helping to guide and illuminate me in times where I really needed guidance. The readings are always spot on, and help me navigate my days better and stronger."  - Darleen D.