Full Moon June 12th 2014 ) O (


Our Full Moon resides in fiery Sagittarius, which is the astrological sign for the card Temperance.  This is juxtaposed with The Sun currently being in Gemini, which rules The Lovers card. Right off the bat I am being drawn to the theme of duality present in both cards. Two cups, two people. This leads my brain to balance, harmony, feminine vs. masculine, spiritual vs. material, choices, relationships, past vs. present, present vs. future. Seeing the bigger picture is key. Tonight is not a time for compartmentalization. Separation. Nit picky. Nope. Rise above and expand. This goes for anything..even the small stuff. Blend the icky stuff into the good stuff like the angel in Temperance and move forward with new perspective. Blessed Be...and Happy Full Moon.