Aquarius Blue Moon Reading

Card One: The Light Side of the Moon

The Three of Swords. Light side? Doesn't look like it eh? Good news. A lot of us are overcoming heartache and pain of the past. Some of you may have experienced full breakthroughs, and as a result are feeling freed from bondage and taking a much needed bath in light. Others may feel that the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel has not been reached yet, but have begun to realize it exists, therefore feel a sense of relief. This Blue Moon is giving much opportunity to heal what needs to be healed, and no matter what, that is a wonderful thing. Healing creates room for what we truly desire to come into our experience. Even if we are feeling fabulous every day, chances are, there are some creeps hanging out in our subconscious that we can say goodbye to. So take an opportunity to banish whatever needs to be eliminated as the moon begins to wane.

Card Two: The Dark Side of the Moon

Four of Pentacles Reversed. There may be a tendency at this time to hold onto beliefs, people, experiences, memories and things that do not serve you. Take a moment to connect with your inner wisdom, and lovingly release anything that is holding you back. Again, you can use the waning moon to ritualistically let go. This card also reminds us that giving and receiving freely creates abundance, and leaves us with a sense of ease in our lives. Rigidity will only lead to blocks in different areas of our experience. Also, with the turmoil going on in the world, the last thing needed is for any of us to add to it with hate, intolerance, shit talking, apathy and judgement. These elements are the sources of the racial issues, planetary ailments, and horrors occurring right now. If you think your voice, attitude, and actions are too small to make a difference, think again. Every individual who fuels love, acceptance, and understanding into the world helps to heal it. It all adds up, like water drops into a bowl. The drops may be small, but as they merge together they create a pool. Freedom is important right now. As Mother Earth needs to be freed from that which hurts her, so do we need to be freed from that which binds us.

Card Three: Balance

Mother of Wands. Celebrate what you have accomplished. Do not ignore even your smallest victories. Instead, uphold every single one. Be kind to yourself. Nurture your dreams, desires, fantasies. Cradle that which you love: your pets, partner, friends, home, hobbies, and passions. The snake sheds old skin, to reveal glistening scales. The previous two cards told you what the full moon wished to illuminate for you: shed the old tired crap. Now embrace what is good in your life. Love what makes you...YOU. You have unique tastes and style that have developed over time. Rock it and approve of it. Accept the new juicy pieces of the puzzle that wish to merge with you with open arms. The journey to wholeness is happening if you want it.

This reading was channeled with love for any that needed it. Blessed Be.